Harald and Ann Lohn's KaBeeLo Lodge and Resort is comprised of a Main Base and an expansive network of 13 pristine Vacation Lakes - all with breath-taking views - and all with fully-equipped private lakeside cabins, docks, and boats. These unspoiled jewels of nature are perhaps the premier fishing, hunting, and family vacation spots in North America. Located centrally to both the United States and Canada, KaBeeLo is located in Northwestern Ontario and offers value-priced vacation packages aimed at a broad range of vacationers. Whether outdoorsmen, families, scouts or honeymooners, every KaBeeLo visitor will enjoy the unspoiled beauty of nature - an experience they will cherish for a lifetime.

Main Base: Located approximately 35 miles from Ear Falls, Ontario. Your trip will begin at our main base - you can drive directly to it. Our main base is fully modern with eight fully carpeted cabins, showers, electricity, automatic heat and cleaned daily by staff attendants. You can also enjoy home cooked meals in the spacious dining room which is surrounded on three sides by the lake. While dining you can enjoy a "take-off" or landing of one of our floatplanes as well as enjoy talking with fellow guests.
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Outpost camp: Arrive by 7:00 a.m. for your outpost flight. We switch parties back-to-back to make this low-priced trip possible. Before you fly-out to your outpost we will give you a map of your lake marked with the most recent hot spots. Upon arrival at your outpost lake you will be able to talk with departing guests and find out where they caught fish.

All of our outpost cabins are located between 15 and 65 miles from the Main Base on Confederation Lake and are licensed and inspected by the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources.

Each cabin is unique but they all feature:

  • hot/cold running water
  • shower
  • fish cooker
  • BBQ
  • Boats (enough to fish 2 per person)
  • Mixed fuel
  • Boat seats
  • Nets
  • Paddles
  • Cushions
  • Motors
  • Bunks with mattresses
  • Wood burning stoves
  • Propane cooking stoves
  • Propane refrigerators
  • Dishes/pots/eating utensils

…and we provide the food.

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To see what the press is saying about the Kabeelo experience please click this Minneapolis Star Tribune article of December 30, 2012. For a pdf of this article please Click Here.

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