Toughest part was catching slot size keepers; walleye and trout bigger than slot sizes – but what fun! Caught 500 fish in 4 days...

- The Eiferts | Minnesota

Seagrave Lake


Seagrave Lake is known as KaBeeLo's TRIPLE HITTER lake, since it's the ONLY KaBeeLo outpost lake rich with all 3 species: Walleye, Northern Pike & Lake Trout.  

Described as a "bowl of spaghetti", Seagrave is located approximately 31 miles NE of KaBeeLo's main base.  The cabin accommodates 8 people within 3 large rooms.  Ammenities include: running hot/cold water, indoor shower, 12V & USB plugins, solar lights, solar refridgerator, wood burning stove and propane cook top. 

Bonus: Short portage to a back lake.

New cabin location and complete remodel in 2018!

21 min. plane ride form Kabeelo's main base


Bed Capacity: 6 – 8 people
Bedrooms: 3 bedrooms
Year Built: remodeled 2018
Other: ONLY outfitter on the lake


Distance from main base: 31 miles North East
Dimensions: 1 × 9 miles
Surface area of Main Lake: 3,200 acres
Surface area of Back Lake: 79 acres
Shape: Bowl of spaghetti
Average Depth: 15 – 25 feet
Deepest Point: 200+ feet
Structure: Very deep, full of islands, bays, coves, inlets and reefs. Accessible back lake
Species: Walleye, Northern Pike, Lake Trout

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Guest Comments

2017 Season


LaFond Crew


Party of 4 (Glenn, Ross, Pat & Jon (18))

Day 1: great fishing on the morning then front came in and shut things down.  46 fish in 3 hrs (2 people)

Day 2: Tough Day!  Rain/storms/hail.  Still caught fish on and off!!

Day 3: calm after the storm!  Slow start but picked up.  Quality of fish was walleyes a plenty in 19”-25” range.  Small northerns.  One 24” lake trout.

Day 4: Beautiful day as we finish out our trip.  My grandson’s first trip and we had an amazing trip.  Lots of memories!!

Thanks Lohn Family!

2016 Season


LaCroix Family | MN


We have not been up to KaBeeLo for 9 years but as always the Fishin’ is AWESOME! ! Caught hundreds of Walleyes – biggest one caught by our daughter was 23”. Biggest Northern was 28”.

The scenery here is so beautiful!

The Lohn’s are awesome people-

Happy Fishing to the next guests!


The Wall Party


                                                          Totals                   Largest

Walleye       4” – 12”                             508                        25” (4)

Trout           30” – 55”                               9                       29”

Northern      3” – 10”                               50                       27”

This was our first year at KaBeeLo Lodge, Seagraves Outpost! The 4 of us had a fantastic time.  Caught tons of fish. 3 old men, and a young buck, so we took naps and am and pm trips. We will definitely be back next year to catch some bigger fish! !  Thanks to the Lohn family for a great opportunity!

Advice to future guest, think coves and coves that the west wind blows into! 

Good Luck

Thanks again, the Wall party


Hendrickson Crew


I was just taking it easy on a rainy Saturday afternoon looking at pictures and realized I hadn't sent this picture of Steve's 29" walleye to you. He caught it and released it on the last day when we were trying to catch a couple 18" to bring home. I hope you can use it.

When people ask me how my fishing trip was, I like to reply "It rained everyday, never saw the sun, the high temperature was in the fifties, and I loved every minute of it!". The weather sounds bad, but wasn't. We were always comfortable. It was much better than calm 80 degree sun with bugs. The best part was when we came back to the dry cabin at the end of the day we had some dry firewood on the porch that Christian had cut and stacked. We would light a fire in the evening to warm up the place and dry our clothes, then let the fire go out while we slept. A couple mornings it was down to 40 degrees in the cabin, but making coffee and breakfast took the chill off, then off for another day of fishing. The wood made our trip much more pleasurable, so please let Christian know how much we appreciated it.

As fast as this summer is going it feels like we'll be seeing you soon. 

Thanks to everyone at Kabeelo for a great trip.

Al & Steve | WI


We had a cold, cloudy week, never saw the sun. The best part about the cold was few bugs, didn’t miss them! The weather was wet & tough but we managed to eat plenty of walleye & the cabin kept us comfy. We caught only 4 trout, but Steve caught a 29” – 9# Walleye. We have never caught one that big up here, she was a fat one. We will be back!

Thanks KaBeeLo Staff

Al & Steve from Wisconsin

2015 Season


Eifert Party


Great flight on Beaver.

Good evening fishing.

A tad bit warm but cooling in PM.

Great time had by all 6-people this year – fishing was good again probably 100 fish per day – figured 400+ fish.  Of course walleyes galore 25-1/4” largest walleye, 29” northern, 29.5” biggest trout.  10 lake trout caught over 4 days – all 22”-29.5”.  Had to be 200 caught that averaged 21”, 50 northerns without even trying. 

Had fun – will be back!!!


Knutson Group


Best fishing in narrows marked on map.  Walleyes 8-20 feet, chartreuse floating lindy rigs or floating jig head.  Walleyes 15-23”, Northerns in the same place as walleyes.

Also caught walleyes off dock in evening.

Eagles liked fish guts

We had a good time!!!!

Fairmont MN


Nice cabin and boats.  Motors were dependable and ran great.  Caught a lot of nice size hard fighting walleyes.  Found enough small ones to have several fish fries.  I have read all about your Lodge in outdoor publications for over 30 years.  My biggest regret is I didn't start going on them sooner in my life.  Instead of waiting until my late 60's.  Hope to see you next year.

The Kiefner Fmily


Great trip to KaBeeLo as always.  Our second trip to Seagraves, tenth out at KaBeeLo & we weren’t disappointed.  It was hot several days but we managed to fight it out and catch some fish.  The walleye were anywhere from 8’ to 35’ deep and the pike were wherever the walleye were.  Several trout were caught as well, with the biggest being ~24”.  There is a Bald Eagle that follows us around wherever we go.  The nickname Fred or Fredbird has stuck for him – no clue how or why, haha.  He enjoys the leftovers after fish cleaning if he can get to them,

Overall great trip to KaBeeLo’s Seagraves Lake.  Good times were had and many fish were caught.

Joe (Louisiana) = 66 walleye, 19 northern pike, 1 lake trout

Kent (Missouri) = 59 walleye, 9 northern pike, 2 lake trout

Phillip (Missouri)= 57 walleye, 11 northern pike, 1 lake trout



Skudlarek Trio - IL


Day 1 = 15 fish, Day 2 = 12 fish, Day 3 = 24 fish, Day 4 = 9 fish

Saw a few bald eagles, some hawks, loons, seagulls and a mama duck with 8 baby ducklings.  Trying for lake trout with no luck.

This is our 4th year at KaBeeLo, we do an annual fishing trip.  Myself, dad & grandpa.  Out of all the years so far, this has been the warmest it’s ever been.  The sunsets here are beautiful and fresh fish is the best!

Day 3 (july 15) caught a 35” Pike by the fish cleaning station! CAUGHT A TROUT (23”) !!!  While gutting and cleaning our lunch, one of the curious eagles flew down by the shore about 15ft from us.  It saw us a flew away but as soon as we got in the boat he flew down and ate the guts on the shore – so cool!


Day 4: bad luck fishing this morning, nothing was biting – only 6 fish.   Thunderstorms made us come in, waiting for it to die down so we can hopefully go back out!

2014 Season




2 years in a row and 1 first timer:  Walleye were biting good, we caught around 40 until dark & had enough keepers to eat our fill plus for supper.  Next day fished for trout - found in about 40' of water biggest caught was 25".  Caught 37 fish today, not bad. Days go much too fast!  All over caught about 300 plus fish over the 4 days, so hard to complain about that!

Great time had by all - sad to leave!


Flannigans | group of 6 | Paynesville MN


21 lake trout caught from many locations even 1 from the dock - largest 30".  Too many walleyes to keep track, depths 3'-30'.  A dozen or more walleyes caught right off end of dock with minnow + jig.  Northern Pike all over - most 20"-24".  Very few bugs to deal with - NICE!  Weather low 40's to about 70F.  

Cabin at main base lodge - AWESOME.  Hospitality was excellent all around - from the Host Lohn's, cook, waitress, pilots + crew.  First rate outfit!

Al & Steve | WI


Great Time!  Caugh lots of Walleye & Trout!  Walleyes were 19"-22" average with eating size now & then.  Trout were 3-5 lbs, 10 in 3 hours on the last day.  

We ate lots of food and were very comfortable except for the 80+ degree day at the start.  We love to come to Seagraves, and the staff at KaBeeLo treated us like royalty.  We will be back.

Thanks to all!


Hilsabeck Party of 6 | WI


First trip to Seagraves outpost.  It was the lure of "new water" and large Trout that "lured" us here.  BIG water; lots of options but we frequently found walleyes & lakers near the outflow and the walleyes were consitently over 20"; bigger than we have seen on Okanse, Bertha or Jeanette.  Northerns were present but not remarkable.  Lakers were caught with walleyes in shallow water (5'-7').  We used ciscos on lindy type rigs with good result too.  We explored the southern end of East (outflow) and westerly limits without much success.

Finished trip fishing at the rocks before the outflow.  We are 20-30 year veterans of KaBeeLo and cannot resist the "call of the North"!

Thanks to Harald & Ann & Erik and the flight crews & staff at KaBeeLo!!!!

2013 Season


Minnesota, USA


Three of us flew out to Seagraves, fished long days and caught more fish than expected; nice fish too. Walleyes were crazy – averaged 20-21” with biggest 23”; lake trout were good and averaged 25” with biggest 29”; northerns were plentiful with biggest around 25-30”. We ate fish every meal and brought home our limits. Toughest part was catching slot size keepers; walleye and trout were bigger than slot sizes – but what fun! In four days we caught a total of 500 fish and experienced good weather. The Eiferts.


from Ken, Jes and Brian, Illinois, USA


The three of us (Grandpa, dad, and, me, the daughter/granddaughter Jes) flew into Seagraves Lake for the “how many times have we been on this lake?” We drive up from Chicago, drive to the same place (KaBeeLo Lodge) and fly to this same lake (Seagraves). We love it here! Day one we set up camp and went out fishing for a while, caught some fish and look forward to tomorrow. Day two started slow but we caught fish and cleaned them while our “eagle friend Marvin” looked on. Ate fish that night. Day three we caught fish, cleaned fish and Marvin showed up for his dinner. After lunch and after the rain storm we went out fishing and caught a ton of fish; they were biting like crazy. Cleaned some fish and, again, Marvin showed up – he’s a little ninja eagle – so cool! Last day we went out fishing and caught some nice pike and, would you know it, Marvin was following us. In fact, Marvin brought two of his friends and they all followed us around. Way cool.


North Dakota/Minnesota, USA


The seven (7) of us arrived at KaBeeLo in the early afternoon with some nice weather. It is great to be back on Seagraves after on last visit a year ago. We started fishing around 6 pm with young Drew (7 years old) off to a hot start. He caught many excellent walleyes and a 36” pike – not bad!  The first full day of fishing we caught some decent pike and Ben caught a 26.5” walleye on a 1/8 oz. fuzzy grub and minnow. Our experience is the fish on Seagraves Lake continue to be really excellent quality. The afternoon was slower due to some nap time, swimming time and tanning time. Day 3 we had good wind and cloud cover – fishing was excellent. But finding fish to eat isn’t easily done since the vast majority of the fish are well over 18”. To be sure, this is a good and welcomed challenge. After fishing this lake’s walleyes on two different years, it’s safe to say the quality of fish is outstanding. Size conservation does result in awesome fish and fisheries. On day 4, our last day, the weather changed (windy/rainy) but the fishing remained constant – lots of larger walleyes, good northerns and some lake trout. This experience was great – we can’t wait to get back to Seagraves for the 2014 season. I’m so lucky to have had this time with my son and the rest of my family. Ben, Richard, Jack, Drew, Steven, Allen, Andrew.

from Minnesota, USA


Six (6) of us had great weather and great fishing. Fishing was a “little work” but it was worth it. Six of us averaged 150-200 fish per day. Walleyes were mostly 18-22” with largest at 25”; largest northern at 29.5” and largest lake trout 33”. Last day we say a bear cub and mom swim across the channel south of the channel. Great trip and great weekend. Gary, Grant, Paul, Glenn, Pat, Barry


Minnesota/Florida, USA


First group this year to the storied Seagraves – what an honor! Ice went out 4 days before we arrived but you would never know it by the weather – it was perfect! The fishing was a little spotty, but 10 year old Madison was the best of the bunch – she caught her first lake trout ever from the boat as it was tied up to the dock. She then proceeded to slay the walleyes wherever we went, including a trophy when we portaged over to the secret lake (although her dad got pretty tired rowing). All in all it was a great time. A few more fish would have been nice, but eh memories will last forever. Bob, Nick, Matt, Madison.

Steve & All of Wisconsin, USA


The two of us said “what a great lake and what great weather.” WE came to do some fishing but ended up catching more than we expected. Hundreds of walleyes and a lot of trout. Walleyes were shallow and the trout were everywhere. We will be back!

2012 Season


2 Brothers & life long pal fishing this lake again this season


Fish in lots of places and found lake trout plentiful. Walleyes in shaded areas and bit on just about anything. Spotted lots of wildlife – moose, mink, beavers and 2 eagles. Eagles were probably brothers because the shared many a fish carcass. On a related matter we monitored our daily intake of adult beverages due to rationing of same. Pina coladas, cape cods, kolo and milk, white Russians, Champaign and lots of beers. As I write this is am witnessing the virtual daily collapse of rational thought.


Submitted by J.S. from Chicago


Flew in early, unloaded our gear and looked for the eagle (now named Melvin). HE IS HERE – sitting in a tree by the cabin DECK! Caught a few fish, cleaned a few and had them for several meals. Kept an eye out for Melvin; he showed up with his buddies – now 4 of them. WOW! Caught fish; ate fish; saw Melvin over and over. This has been such an amazing trip, I hope to come back again next year with Dad and Poppa.


Father/son trip


Started around 4 pm on day of arrival. We fish until dark – it was truly an excellent night of fishing. Next day we fished all day and concluded the quality of walleye in regard to size is outstanding. Day two and three we saw moose, mink and assorted wildlife while enduring a bit of blustery weather. But, the morning bite was outstanding. The quality of fish was astonishing. This lake harbors big fish.

Of course, mayflies hatched so the fishing slowed down but the evening was incredible. Seagraves is challenging, divers and full of terrific walleyes. We had a great time and can’t wait to fish it again.

2010 Season

Party from St. Stephen, MN & Iowa, MI


June 17th Afternoon Started with cold rain & Crappie weather. Had to work to catch fish. Front went through & finished with two peaceful days of Fishing sunny 70 degrees with plenty of Walley & Northern.

Catching both in anything from regular point & shelf structures to shallow, weedy areas. Found mud & crayfish in their stomachs. Tend to be feeding early AM & late evening.

Largest fishes: Walleye – 22” x 3 Northern – 30”
Lake Trout – 25”

Fantastic wildlife – beaver, duck, (4) Bald eagles in single group, caribou on the shore.


86 degrees & then 92 degrees

Pan fried fish on bottom of boat on the way back to camp. Average 85 fish a day Great Lake! Tiny caught a friend for Life


Slow fishing, some (5 total) in 20’-30’ of water. No big northern (28” largest). Some walleyes (24.5” largest) on for east end. Hit and miss on all fish.